Saturday, August 27, 2011

Does the Quran call Muslims to kill unbelievers?

The speaker is Wafa Sultan. From her Wikipedia profile:

"They shot hundreds of bullets into [her professor], shouting, 'Allahu Akbar!' " she said. "At that point, I lost my trust in their god and began to question all our teachings.

On February 21, 2006, she took part in Al Jazeera's weekly 45-minute discussion program The Opposite Direction. She spoke from Los Angeles, arguing with host Faisal al-Qassem and with Ibrahim Al-Khouli, a professor at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (Egypt)

In this video she criticised Muslims for treating non-Muslims differently, and for not recognizing the accomplishments of Jewish and other members of non-Muslim society while using their wealth and technology.

Sultan describes her thesis as witnessing "a battle between modernity and barbarism which Islam will lose". Sultan believes that "The trouble with Islam is deeply rooted in its teachings. Islam is not only a religion. Islam [is] also a political ideology that preaches violence and applies its agenda by force."

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